However, there are some pitfalls of remote work that you need to consider and have to push yourself to successfully overcome them. The pros and cons of working remotely mentioned in this article can help you know remote work better and make the right decision to either work as a telecommuter or not. In 2019, Dr. Diabaté oversaw a small release of sterile males, the first field experiment in Africa with genetically modified mosquitoes, which was intended as an initial demonstration of safety.

In the office, it’s so easy to approach any colleague whenever you want to discuss something in person. One of the most important things that are missing in a remote work arrangement is proper communication among colleagues. By not commuting to work, you also reduce your carbon footprint as you will not be taking your vehicle out. Additionally, it will not only help you do your bit to save the environment but also save fuel for the future. Another key advantage of working remotely is that you can save more money each year.

The Main Pros And Cons Of Working Remotely

Those with family responsibilities or personal commitments may find working from home more flexible. However, it can also create distractions if you have children or how companies benefit when employees work remotely other family members at home during your work hours. You can combat that by getting out of the house every day, even if it’s only just for a walk around the block.

The pros and cons of working remotely

A Stanford study of a 16,000-employee Chinese travel agency found that remote work increased employee satisfaction and helped halve the agency’s previous employee attrition rates. In the same study, remote call center employees were 13% more productive. There’s a whole bunch of time management apps available that will help you track your time and stay focused. Working alone, it’s possible to dive into the rabbit hole and forget to eat or drink for hours. Every Wednesday, we have a regular meeting we call ‘the bonfire’ where we discuss things that aren’t strictly related to work.

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Thus, you need to put more effort to interact with people in your team and even have to take part in remote team building activities. As a remote worker, you can easily become prone to a laid back attitude, and a habit of procrastinating. Once that starts to happen, it is certainly going to be a downfall in your professional life. However, one thing that I want to make clear that it’s true that remote work adds flexibility to the life of a worker, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea and is not suitable for every profession. And honestly, remote work is a great way to avoid daily commuting and accomplish your office tasks in the workplace of your choice. Now, if you are reading this article, it’s pretty much possible that you are planning to work as a remote worker either full-time or part-time.

The pros and cons of working remotely

Some people thrive in a traditional office environment, while others prefer the flexibility and autonomy that comes with working from home. You can also make use of the extra time you get from not having a commute by adding more social time into your life. Meet friends for coffee, head to the gym, or join a local club to help widen your in-person contact. With the average American spending 55 minutes a day on their commute, it’s easy to see how working from home can have a huge impact on the environment.

The Realities of Remote Work

So, anyone working remotely needs to make a conscious effort to socialize outside of their work, engage actively in online meetings, and find the time to meet their colleagues in person occasionally. This is a concern for both employers and employees alike, but it shouldn’t be the case. Just like office employees, remote employees should establish their work hours, or work on creating a schedule with their managers. Many of the technologies that facilitate better telecommuting also include “sleep” modes to prevent managers and colleagues from assuming remote workers are available.

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