There are many characteristics that can make a board member successful such as wealth and Our site social connections to expertise in a particular field. But there are certain intangibles that make a good director great in their ability to think outside the box and remain objective when discussing controversial subjects.

It is also crucial for boards to have board members with the required communication skills as they will typically be sharing sensitive information in and out of meetings. Board members should be able to effectively communicate both verbally as well as in writing. Being able to work hard and a desire to do good for the organization is another important quality of a great board member.

The ideal combination of board members is essential to the overall success of a non-profit. For example the addition of a creative director to the board could provide a fresh perspective to issues that may be in a rut or not being addressed properly. A financial expert can also help ensure that all financial issues are taken into consideration.

The nominating committee should take the time to ensure that the new board members are well-suited to the position, and have the required knowledge and experience as well as the independence. A competent nominating committee will look for candidates who have a wide range of skills, such as a knowledge of the nonprofit’s operations and strategies as well as the various stakeholders. It is also essential for the board to stay clear of overlapping memberships, which can make it less effective.

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